Solco Direct type hydrogen-dissolved water generator (EH-5900) for home use

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Direct type hydrogen-dissolved water generator (EH-5900) for home use - Generating filtered water and hydrogen water at the same time

Room temperature water

Product Size:
Tank Capacity:
direct type
Filter Included:
Nano filter/Charcoal filters
Rated Voltage:
DC 24V

What is a Hydrogen Water? It removes free radicals that accelerate aging. Active oxygen attacks normal cells and the DNA genes within cells, causing over 70 different fatal diseases including cancer, mutation, blood vessel disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. Only hydrogen can pass through cell membranes to eliminate free radicals created within cells. It selectively reacts to harmful free radicals hydroxy radical (OH-) and singlet oxygen (102). Free radicals combined with hydrogen are transformed into safe and harmless water. It’s the best anti-oxidant ever. If you drink 2 liter of hydrogen water, it contains the same anti-oxidant as 1512 bananas, 1032 apples or 76 carrots. You may buy a bottle of hydrogen water at $2.00 -$3.00 each at health food store or get unlimited amount of hydrogen water by leasing out Solco hydrogen water generator at $59.99 per month for 3 years. During the lease, the filter will be replaced every six months and generator plate once a year. Key Health Benefits of Hydrogen water • Remove harmful free radicals from your body • Improve cellular health and protection • Enhance better nutrient absorption in the body • Better hydration for your body • Increase blood circulation • Helps to lower saturated fat levels • Reduce aging to give healthy looking skin • Improves muscle-tissue functions & joints mobility • Reduce constipation problems • Aids in lowering cholesterol levels • Detoxifies your body • Faster recovery from physical workout • Improves quality of life for cancer patients undergoing medical treatment. Please check “Hydrogen Water” for more information on line. Research has been going on Parkinson, Diabetes, Atopy, pulmonary problems to name a few and you may find research paper on Pubmed (

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